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Why Life insurance?

The purpose of a life insurance is to help the dependents when the insured dies. In most cases the insured is the bread winner and when there is a life insurance the family are assured to be left with some money to help them until they are able to fend for themselves. It is very important for families with young children who are not yet able to work and fend for themselves to buy life insurance which would help with the continuity in case of premature death. Knowing there is a life insurance will give us and our family a peace of mind in the event of death.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance gives you insurance coverage for your whole life, as long as you maintain the premium payments. The policy will cover you up until your death or age 100, whichever occurs first. Some of the pro’s of a Whole Life Insurance policy are that you will also build an account that has actual cash value. It works like this. A portion of the premium payments that you make are used to buy life insurance, while the remainder is placed into a savings account that will accumulate interest. You may borrow against this savings account later in life, if you need to, but you must repay the loan. This gives you a bit of piece of mind in case of an emergency like unexpected hospital bills, vehicle breakdowns, home repairs or any other of lifes little emergencies.

Term Life Insurance

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Term Life Insurance is also just exactly what it says it is, “Term”. This means that it covers you for a specific period of time or a Term. You could buy a “10 Year Term”, a “20 Year Term”, Guaranteed Term”, ect. Does this make sense now?

Term Life is also known as “pure life insurance” because that’s all you’re buying. Some of the “cons” or differences between Term and Whole life are, unlike Whole Life policies, there’s no savings account that accumulates or to borrow against. You are simply paying for insurance. Another con is that, as stated above, some Term policies are only for that specific Term or time frame, not your entire life. This means that your policy may not be renewable if you happen to become seriously ill. Some Term policies, such as Guaranteed Term, can be rolled over, but that’s another story. You need to visit my website below and I explain it there.

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