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In 90 seconds, could save you a lot!

Hey Canada! You probably said “YES” when your lender/bank asked you if you wanted to protect your loved ones with mortgage insurance. It was so easy and … expensive. Use the mortgage insurance calculator (on the right side of this page) and see how much your bank/lender is charging you for mortgage insurance (with a catch) compared to a mortgage insurance from another insurance companies. Most people save 30% to 70%.

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There is a “catch” and it’s a nasty one.

You may wonder about the catch – after all most of the time when you can save so much money there is normally a catch. Well here it is – with your banks mortgage insurance you are not sure if you are really protected. Why? Good question. Most bank type mortgage insurance uses a “post-claims selection” process and it is nasty. It means that they will analyze if you qualify for their insurance product after you request a claim. The keyword is AFTER – most other insurance products the selection is done BEFORE they insure you. To learn more about the mortgage insurance offered by the banks, view this video from CBC Market News: Mortgage insurance: Not always a sure thing . In one word, it’s shocking!


The type of mortgage insurance that we offer is the good type. They use a BEFORE CLAIMS SELECTION. That means that when you receive your insurance contract you are covered. They have analyzed your situation and risk and have accepted to insure you. They can’t cancel your insurance contract and they have to pay!

Conclusion: You could save money with lower mortgage insurance premiums and will get a better insurance product at the same time. That’s it – more protection for less money.

To get your free quote simply use the mortgage insurance calculator on the right of this page. Click here to see a real example of the mortgage insurance result page.