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The surest way to find inexpensive mortgage life insurance is to look around for it. It is well worth the effort you will make, since you can literally save tens of thousands of dollars on mortgage life insurance.

One of the poorest decisions is to automatically take the insurance your lender offers.

If you shop on, you will be astonished at how much you may save over the policy of your lender. One shopper found a policy for $11.65 a month for his $200,000, 15 year mortgage that would have cost […]

Mortgage Insurance Quotes – Ontario – Free Mortgage insurance calculator – Toronto – Ottawa

Most (if not all) the mortgage insurance sold by the banks use a technique called “post-claims selection”. It saves them a lot of money since they only analyze your situation IF you present them with a claim (death or disability). However, for you it could be disastrous since you will not really know if you are covered for you mortgage life and/or disability insurance until after the claim is presented. […]

Mortgage Insurance Quotes – Canada – Alberta – BC – Manitoba – Saskashewan – all of Canada

Hey Canada! You probably said “YES” when your lender/bank asked you if you wanted to protect your loved ones with mortgage insurance. It was so easy and … expensive. Use the mortgage insurance calculator (on the right side of this page) and see how much your bank/lender is charging you for mortgage insurance (with a catch) compared to a mortgage insurance from another insurance companies. Most people save 30% to 70%. […]