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87.90 % of Canadians pay too much for mortgage insurance!

Our online calculator allows you to compare most bank's mortgage insurance offer against many other insurance companies and instantly calculate your savings. You will be surprised to learn how much money you can save !
  • Compare your financial institution's offer on mortgage insurance
  • Instant results
  • The best premiums on the market
  • Point out differences between contracts
  • Analyze your potential savings and their long term impact
  • Average savings are $ 13,347

Compare your bank's offer, and save your money !

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Compare your bank's offer, and save your money !

Our online calculator allows you to compare most bank's mortgage insurance offer against many other insurance companies and instantly calculate your savings. You will be surprised to learn how much money you can save !

How much does it cost?

Compare up to 10 mortgage insurance companies for free

Our services are available at no cost and without any obligation. Since we are paid a commission by all insurance companies, our job is to make your insurance shopping easier!

How long does it take?

Take only 3 minutes of your day to save on your mortgage insurance

Getting all the information that will allow you to compare the various insurance options and analyze the savings that each insurer can offer you is a fast process. It only takes 3 minutes!

Our website is protected and secure

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How much can I save?

How much can I save on my mortgage insurance?

You could save up to 45% over the term of your mortgage. This represents the average savings rate of those who have done business with us so far. However, since each case of mortgage insurance is unique, the actual savings tend to vary from case to case.

What if I already have mortgage insurance?

It is possible to cancel your mortgage insurance without any penalties

Cancelling a mortgage insurance contract with most banks can be done easily, and without penalties. All it takes is a phone call. In case of personal insurance, our staff will fill out a notice of comparison and will take care of cancelling the insurance for you, still without any penalty.

Do you offer mortgage loans?

Do you offer mortgage loans?

We are not mortgage lenders, nor mortgage brokers. Our goal is to help you compare different mortgage insurance products available on the market so that you may save on the cost of your insurance premiums.

Our mortgage insurance calculator is free and displays immediate results

Is the process safe?

Yes, absolutely.
All the information submitted to InfoPrimes is protected, encrypted and secure. We use high-insurance 256-bit SSL encryption technology. This is the same technology that banks and businesses typically rely on to conduct financial transactions over the Internet. Highly secure, it prevents third parties from deciphering the data in transit to our servers, also fully secure.

Mortgage Insurance

Do you have questions?

We have answers

Our specialists can help you better understand everything there is to know about insurance.
Do not hesitate, we are here to help you!

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How does it work?

The easiest, fastest, and smartest way to shop around for mortgage insurance !

A lot of people forget to shop around for mortgage insurance once their loan has been granted. As a result, nearly 9 out of 10 Canadians pay almost twice as much as they should for mortgage insurance and don’t know it.

If you don’t want to be part of this group, you came to the right place. InfoPrimes lets you shop around for your mortgage while comparing various customized products available to you. There is no faster, easier way to save on your insurance premiums.

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Calculate your savings now!

Our online mortgage insurance calculator will help you evaluate your savings immediately. Take 3 minutes of your time to compare your financial institution's offer against many other insurance companies. It is simple, fast, and secure!

Put your insurance to the test today!

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InfoPrimes: an example of the savings you can make
Here is an example of the results you will get from our free online savings calculator for mortgage insurance and life insurance
Another example of the results you will get from our free online savings calculator for mortgage insurance and life insurance
InfoPrimes: compare all of the insurance providers and find the best policy for you for mortgage insurance or life insurancee

Who am I dealing with?

InfoPrimes works hand in hand with the most important insurance companies in Canada.
We compare their premiums, and offer you the very best price on the market, it's guaranteed !


“I was very satisfied. I was shopping around for insurance quotes. is a “all-in-one” kind of service. I really appreciated getting several quotes in one location. Thanks to InfoPrimes, I’m saving at least $40 per month.”
Jonathan Girard
“ helped us lower our condo insurance premiums by 50%, which enabled us to get other insurance coverage. If I had to assess the quality of the rep’s service on a scale from 1 to 10, I’d have to say 14! They really gave us excellent service. We were so pleased that we just had to thank them again and again. We plan on recommending them very soon.”
Geneviève-Andréanne Dionne
Our partners in mortgage insurance

Our partners in mortgage insurance

We are neither insurers, nor managers; rather, we act as brokers and advisors. We work together with the leading insurance companies in Canada. Our knowledge of their products and policies is shared with all of our clients to help them make the best decision. Since we negotiate a large volume of transactions, we can guide our customers through the entire process of getting the most convenient mortgage insurance for their needs

Here are our life insurance and mortgage insurance partners

Exemples de résultats - Case Studies

Alain and Lise

34 and 36 years old

They benefit from savings of $64.64 per month on their mortgage insurance, a total of $27,148 over the term of their $221,000 mortgage loan. This represents 68 months of mortgage payments!


43 years old

Having compared several insurance rates with those of her own financial institution, her monthly savings of $32.88 amount to $9,864 over a period of 25 years.


After comparing various mortgage insurance rates with the rates of her own bank, she now enjoys $8.69 per month in savings, the equivalent of $3,128 for the term of her mortgage loan of $229,000.