Universal life insurance, protection and future growth

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Universal life insurance, protection and future growth

A good life insurance policy, flexible and comprehensive, covering your life insurance, an investment component, and an immediate tax shelter. It's three-in-one. This type of life insurance allows you to have stability, the basis of a successful financial planning.

Indeed, universal life insurance is designed to meet various financial needs, allowing you to easily select and modify the terms of your contract. These products are particularly flexible in order to better protect you at every stage of your life. Whether it’s to protect your finances, such as your current or future income, to preserve your assets for your heirs, generate additional income for retirement, or meet other financial planning needs, universal life insurance is both affordable and flexible.

Saving while being protected.

Through its investment component, universal life insurance allows you to take control of your investments. The performance of your investment accounts will depend in large measure on the accounts that you have chosen and the economic and financial cycles that affect them. Our consultants will help you form a plan that suits you and your goals. If you prefer interest accounts that are 100% guaranteed, or moderate-risk accounts, it’s no problem, as you are in control.

A tax shelter

Universal life insurance allows you to have the peace of mind of owning life insurance while providing the opportunity to allocate your funds in a tax-efficient manner. Indeed, since it’s a life insurance policy, the money generated through your investments will be given to your beneficiaries tax-free.*

The cost of universal life insurance

The premium is calculated based on: Your age, gender, smoking habits, your condition, and your health habits. As your cash value increases, you will be able to use it to pay the cost of your insurance. Universal life insurance can combine several protections and more than one insured party in the same contract.

Universal life insurance helps you to protect your assets and increase your overall wealth. Talk to one of our consultants.

Universal life insurance is an excellent choice for :

  • Anyone at any stage in life
  • A family that wants to protect its assets, its heritage and a legacy important to the family
  • Increasing retirement income
  • Informed investors who want to retain control over their investments and grow their savings tax-free*
  • The protection of a key person and redemption agreements. You are in business and want to protect the value of your business.

How can I save on permanent life insurance ?

To help you to save on your next life insurance policy, we offer you an online life insurance calculator. Within moments, you can fill out our form and let our calculator do all of the work for you. It allows you to compare policies across Canada in a few minutes, according to your needs. Simply fill in the fields. Quick and easy to use, this calculator will give you valuable insight into the type of insurance policy that will best suit your situation. Of course, all the information that you enter on our website is and will remain absolutely confidential.

* Under certain conditions. The universal life insurance is a tax shelter and not a means of tax evasion. You will be notified as soon as your savings is taxable in case of surrender under the law of tax.

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