Permanent life insurance, security and financial stability within your grasp.

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Permanent life insurance, security and financial stability within your grasp.

Signing up for life insurance is a very important step. Whatever your situation, it's time to make those who are dear to you free from financial worries in case of your death. Indeed, this policy is necessary to ensure that the beneficiaries you choose receive a sum of money free of taxes sufficient to help them get through such a situation.

Permanent life insurance, unlike a term life insurance policy, guarantees lifetime protection. While a term policy covers you for a specified period, up until the age of 85, a permanent life insurance policy is in effect until the death of the insured as long as the insurance premiums are paid. That is why it is particularly advantageous for when you want to have long-term security—for example, to cover the costs of death and burial.

It is also possible to obtain life insurance for a loved one, or for a key person in a company, and have you pay their insurance premiums for them. Furthermore, this protection helps preserve the current quality of life of your spouse, your children, your company or your loved ones, as well as yours, with the redemption value.

Payment methods

A permanent life insurance policy may, at first site, seem more expensive than a term policy. On the contrary, the more time passes, the more it will pay for itself and become more economical than a term life insurance policy renewed over a long period.1

In addition, insurers can provide you with different products, payable over a specific period. For example: A permanent life insurance policy, payable for 10 years. [2], This means that you pay premiums for 10 years, and you will be insured for the rest of your life regardless of the cause of your death and age at which you die. The period of time you pay will be short, and you will save more.

Permanent life insurance can also get around tax liability upon death. The sum to be paid to the beneficiaries of your policy will be given to them tax-free. So it's a very interesting choice in terms of inheritance.

The redemption value

Permanent life insurance is often accompanied by a redemption value. This is not the case of term life insurance, but the permanent and universal life insurance may be terminated at any time and your insurance will be required to pay you an amount that varies according to the terms of your contract. This is important not to ignore when taking out a life insurance policy. Our experts will guide you so that you can better understand the benefits of permanent life insurance.

How can I save on permanent life insurance ?

To save on your next life insurance policy, we offer an online life insurance calculator. Within moments, you can fill out our form and let our calculator do all of the work for you. It allows you to compare within a few minutes the Canadian insurance policies that fit your needs. Simply fill in the fields. Quick and easy to use, this calculator will give you valuable insight into the type of insurance policy that best suits your situation. Of course, all of the information that you enter on our website is and will remain absolutely confidential

1. Cost analysis of a 35 year-old male non-smoker for a 10 year temporary product. Total cost: $ 79.470. If at 85 he is not deceased, no benefits are payable. It's no fun to have an obligatory date to die … for the same person and $ 100 000 of permanent protection, the total cost is $ 34 518 if paid in 20 years, and $ 13 000 if paid in 10 years.

2. 2 Actual case: It is very popular to insure young children. Take the example of a 2 year-old girl insured for $ 100 000 guaranteed protection released in ten years. The annual premium is $ 482, or about $ 10 a week for 10 years. Total payments over 10 years are $ 4820, and no matter what the lifestyle and health status in the future, the policy remains in force. Also, if by any circumstance, the child died immediately after the start of the contract, the benefit is $ 100 000. Now, compare that with an investment of $ 482 per year, payable for 10 years. In 80 years, with a net return of 2.75% and an inflation of 2%, you would have earned $ 39 578.42 for the death.

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