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Our life insurance calculator compares premiums and products from most Canadian insurers. With InfoPrimes, you will easily find the best price on the market !

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InfoPrimes analyses your potential savings and proposes a solution that will allow you to get more life insurance for every dollar that you invest. This is smartest way to get life insurance !

Personalized to your budget

It's a pretty simple principle: Tell us how much you would like to invest in life insurance, and we'll calculate the protection you can get. Life insurance is now more affordable than ever before!

How can I get the best life insurance protection for my profile ?

Here are some articles you can consult to get a better understanding of the life insurance that suits your needs

Famille avec jeunes enfants

Term life insurance, an affordable strategic solution.

As the name implies, term life insurance is temporary. It gives protection guaranteed for the time period specified in the contract, and can easily be adapted to meet strategic needs, such as tuition for your children, a car loan, or a mortgage....

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Famille avec deux enfants

Permanent life insurance, security and financial stability within your grasp.

Permanent life insurance, unlike a term life insurance policy, guarantees lifetime protection. While a term policy covers you for a specified period, up until the age of 85, a permanent life insurance policy is in effect until the death of the ins ...

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Pique-nique en famille

Universal life insurance, protection and future growth

Indeed, universal life insurance is designed to meet various financial needs, allowing you to easily select and modify the terms of your contract. These products are ..

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InfoPrimes can help you get a personalized life insurance !.

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Life insurance quotes can vary greatly from one company to another. With the offer from more than 80 insurance companies, how long could it take to get a quote from each one of them?

With Infoprimes, filling in one form allows you to compare all the insurance companies. Whether you are interested in a temporary life insurance, permanent life insurance or a universal life insurance, InfoPrimes helps you to easily compare the insurance quotes available on the market.

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  • Verify the cost of life insurance available on the market.
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  • Compare price as well as other important terms and conditions from each insurer.
  • Choose the insurance product that is better suited to protect your family.
  • Save from the comfort of your home.

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Is the process safe?

Yes, absolutely.
All the information submitted to InfoPrimes is protected and secure. We use high-insurance 256-bit SSL encryption technology. This is the same technology that banks and businesses typically rely on to conduct financial transactions over the Internet. Highly secure, it prevents third parties from deciphering the data in transit to our servers, also fully secure.

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Who am I dealing with?

InfoPrimes works hand in hand with the most important insurance companies in Canada.
We compare their premiums, and offer you the very best price on the market, it's guaranteed !

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Alain and Lise

34 and 36 years old - They benefit from savings of $64.64 per month, a total of $27,148 over the term of their $221,000 mortgage loan. This represents 68 months of mortgage payments!


43 years old - Having compared several insurance rates with those of her own financial institution, her monthly savings of $32.88 amount to $9,864 over a period of 25 years.


- After comparing various mortgage insurance rates with the rates of her own bank, she now enjoys $8.69 per month in savings, the equivalent of $3,128 for the term of her mortgage loan of $229,000.

Our partners in mortgage insurance

We are neither insurers, nor managers; rather, we act as brokers and advisors. We work together with the leading insurance companies in Canada.

Here are our life insurance and mortgage insurance partners

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Compare what life and mortgage loan insurance policies your bank has offered you, and save! Our free online calculator compares what 15 financial institutions have to offer in order to help you to save money on your premiums.

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