Mortgage Life Insurance Halifax Nova Scotia – Shopping Mortgage Insurance Rates is Easy

Mortgage Life Insurance Halifax Nova Scotia – Shopping Mortgage Insurance Rates is Easy

Locating Your Mortgage Life Insurance is Easy on the Net

If you look on the right site, you will find mortgage life insurance that is reasonable and will afford you the proper protection. All this additional work will pay off when you find out that you can save megabucks with your mortgage life insurance.

Don’t automatically subscribe to the policy your bank will invariably offer to you.

All you have to do is compare online at and you will have the choice of insurance companies. Take your lender’s quote and tell them you’ll get back to them; then compare it to and see whether you save thousands of dollars like most of our clients do.

So if you want to save money in a major way, do not settle for the policy that your bank offers to you. We are all trying to save money today, and saving money on a new home is even more critical. Many of these lender policies have some serious problems you should be alerted to.

A major problem, and one that is gaining notoriety, is that they are frequently “post claim policies” that do not come into effect until a claim is received. When the claim is received, the insurer may simply deny it. These insurance companies can find many excuses not to issue the insurance, saying it was incorrectly completed, or perhaps had false information. Do you want to buy a policy that you can’t be sure it is protecting your family?

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An added concern is that these are not “personal” insurance policies, owned by the insured. They are a special type of policy that is a collective policy and the bank controls it, not the borrower. Since they own and control the insurance, they can cancel it, and frequently do, if the borrower’s health changed when they do their periodic evaluations. In addition, the insurance absolutely will be cancelled if you switch banks.

Many unprincipled lenders will infer that mortgage life insurance is only available from them; don’t be fooled, you CAN obtain your own insurance. You can quickly and easily find great rates and a policy that truly protects you if you shop on line at, and use the calculator at left to start saving money!

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More Examples:

– $180000 mortgage insurance (life) for a 41 years old male (non-smoker) and a 36) and a female (non-smoker) :TD Canada Trust: $66.71 per month. $48.33 per month. Savings: $3308 over 15 years.

– $125000 mortgage insurance (life) for a 47 years old male (non-smoker): Laurentian Bank: $68.13 per month. $24.98 per month. Savings: $10356 over 20 years.

– $210000 mortgage insurance (life) for a 22 years old male (non-smoker): National Bank: $25.18 per month. $16.22 per month. Savings: $3763 over 35 years.

– $153000 mortgage insurance (life and disability) for a 28 years old female (non-smoker) and a 31 male (non-smoker): Bank of Montreal: $59.23 per month. $32.54 per month. Savings: $11210 over 35 years.

– $208000 mortgage insurance (life) for a 37 years old male (non-smoker) and a 40 female (non-smoker): CIBC: $63.48 per month. $36.55 per month. Savings: $8079 over 25 years.

Halifax, Nova Scotia is located in southern Nova Scotia and is the capital of the province. It has a population of approximately 375,000, making it the largest urban area in Atlantic Canada. The urban area of Halifax is a major economic center, with many large employers located there, including the Department of National Defense and the Port of Halifax. The rural areas surrounding Halifax are centers of the farming, fishing, mining and gas extraction industries.
The region that is present day Halifax was originally settled by the Mi’kmaq Native Peoples, who called it Jipugtug, which means great harbor. The first permanent European settlement was founded in 1749 as the Town of Halifax when it was named the colonial capital, replacing Annapolis Royal.

The coastline of Halifax is 250 miles long, which accounts for its large fishing industry, and is made up of mostly rock with small sandy beaches. The inland areas of Halifax range from fertile agricultural lands to rolling hills, covered with forests.

Located on the southeast coast of Canada, Nova Scotia is the second smallest province in the country, with an area of only 21,300 square miles, but is its second most densely populated. The indigenous peoples of the area were the Mi’gma’gi people and then the first European settlement was established by the French at Port Royal in 1604, establishing Acadia; however, the British took intermittent control between 1713 and 1760, at one point establishing their own capital of Halifax. Nova Scotia is one of the four original provinces to for become the country of Canada in 1867. Nova Scotia is a maritime province, almost completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. It is believed that the Italian explorer John Cabot visited what is now Nova Scotia in 1497 and after settlement by the French in 1604, Britain, in 1620, designated all of the shoreline along the Atlantic, from Acadia to the Chesapeake Bay as New England, then Scottish settlers attempted a settlement; this see-saw ownership continued throughout the 18th Century, culminating with the British requiring a pledge of allegiance by all of the Acadians; those who refused were expelled in what is today known as the Great Expulsion.